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Video Project Description

It is so awesome to see teamwork and dedication come from little athletes at such a young age. This team of young hockey players works together to get the puck in the goal - all of them celebrate on the ice, excited for the points they scored together. Without video, this moment would be lost as a memory. While many parents attempt to film their kid’s sports games with smart phones, tablets (yes we’ve seen it!), and digital camcorders – using Vanilla Video for professional sports videography is just easier, and better.

When our professional sports videographers show up to film – they come fully trained and equipped to handle just about anything. All of our videographers are full-time employees, and they love what they do. Every one of our videographers follows a documentary-like filming style – they capture every event just as it happens. When it comes to sports, they film the entire game and all of the action on the sidelines in one take. This results in raw footage that is easy to watch and share shortly after the sporting event takes place. Editing is always optional, and available after you’ve reviewed the raw footage. We encourage customers to just worry about filming an event first, and think about editing later on.

Video makes an awesome tool for coaches and players to improve their technique, as well as celebrate their successes. In this video – we see that the red and black team made the point because a player was ready for the rebound. This is an important skill that is pertinent to just about any sport. Whether these kids go on to play hockey, another sport, or no sport at all – they will remember the lessons they learn from their dedicated coach for years to come. Having video footage of every other match or so during a season allows players to visualize techniques their coach tells them about during practice. Sometimes it is not until seeing themselves on video that players understand what their coach has been yelling about all this time.

While it serves an important tool for coaches and players alike, parents love Vanilla Video professional sports videography too. When we show up to film an event, parents can relax and enjoy cheering on their team – without worrying about missing an awesome shot or play. We capture everything on video, so parents and friends of the players can enjoy watching the game.

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