Susie Romans by Vanilla Video Blooper Reel

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Video Project Description

While interviews are a great way to gather testimonials as well as genuine information about your company, people naturally get nervous in front of a camera. We do our best to keep the jitters at bay and help people prepare for their time in the lime light. Of course, even the most prepared speakers make mistakes. The best thing to do when this happens is to laugh it off and remember there’s plenty of footage to make a blooper reel later on.

Susie Romans is an entrepreneur and business coach that empowers other women to start their own online businesses so they can work from home. In a series of brand videos we created for Susie Romans, we interviewed her as well as several customers. Throughout the course of interviews, we got plenty of footage to create a blooper reel. In fact, the bloopers were Susi’s idea! She used the final cut to post on social media as well as her website.

When customers interact with their favorite brands and businesses online, they are interested in that human element that so many businesses hide. Rather than showing an ultra-polished and professional side, Susi Romans used a blooper real to show that her business is about having fun too.

This video also shows how much fun Susie and her team had while working with Vanilla Video. We are more than just silent camera operators – we help our business clients by helping them choose their words and directing the scenes at their shoots. We are always looking for ways to make a video better, and provide input throughout the course of a shoot. We love working with others and helping them to make creating a video a fun and educational experience. Regardless of who gets in front of the camera, we are ready to help them create a flawless shot for any video.

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