Here Comes the Bride Single Camera Wedding Video

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Video Project Description

A father walks his veiled down the aisle during her wedding ceremony. The camera captures the bride and her father, as well as the faces of her family and friends in the audience. This is an example of a single camera shoot capturing the bride walking down the aisle. The bride wears a mermaid style, strapless wedding dress. Her father tells her something only she can hear as they walk down the rest of the aisle. Members in the congregation look excited and happy, a few are caught crying happy tears. The bride beams and her father smiles as he escorts her down the aisle on his arm. She holds a simple bouquet of colorful flowers.

Many wedding ceremonies last less than an hour, however we do recommend that customers order videography for an additional 30 to 60 minutes. The extra time allows us to get establishing shots of the venue – we like to get b-roll footage to convey the atmosphere before the wedding begins. We get panoramas of the exterior and interior, shots of the decorations or flowers, as well as footage of the guests anxiously waiting for the bridal processional to begin. Filming candid footage of the guests is helpful for couples to remember who was at their wedding, it also allows us a chance to capture any guests who might not go to the reception. From our experience we have seen some of the best candid moments occur during the photo sessions after the ceremony. Our documentary style filming allows us to capture unexpected moments that occur in-between the major events at a wedding.

Regardless of the style of your wedding or your budget – we recommend you get some of it on video, not only to remember your special day, but to have something to reflect and look back on as you grow older. Weddings are a great opportunity to get your closest friends and family on video before the next big change in your circle occurs.

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