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Video Project Description

Vanilla Video captures hundreds of sports games a year – resulting in footage that works great for college recruitment applications. This is an example of how we edit for college recruitment videos. The shot is paused/slowed down and a red circle is placed over the player submitting the application. In this case it is number 5. Then we resume the play at full speed so the coach can see the entire play. Many players worry that every play chosen needs to portray them as a star athlete where they making winning goals or pummel the other team, this is not the case.
While watching recruitment videos, college coaches look for how a player interacts with their team in addition to their ball handling skills or technique. In this case – we see player 5 work as hard as he can to pass it to player 6, rather than attempting to make a shot from halfway across the field. Though it would’ve been great if player 5 made the goal from his starting position, it was much safer to pass the ball to player 6. A play like this would truly impress a college coach by showing that player 5 knows when to pass the ball and when to take the shot.

Any high action video project such as a lacrosse game, is filmed in high definition 60p. This minimizes blur and produces video with a clear picture. While it is possible to DIY a College Recruitment Video, all of our footage is professionally shot and our editing cleanly portrays a player throughout various games in a particular season. Footage taken by an iPhone or a digital camcorder by a cheering parent is typically shaky and blurry, this makes it hard for a college coach to discern a player’s ability based on the video submitted. Of course, we can edit together footage from a variety of sources – should a customer already have footage to use for a college recruitment video we will take a look at it to decide if we can edit together a clean college recruitment video out of the existing footage.

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