John Galt Employee Interview Brand Film

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Video Project Description

Vanilla Video created a brand film for John Galt using footage from employee interviews as well as various happenings around their office. Using employee interviews in a brand film is a great way to educate your viewers about how your company works. Employees who have been at a company for any extended period of time can give information about one aspect or another about what their job entails day to day. Customers care to know about the information these employees give.

When filming employee interviews, we suggest that employees each pick one topic they would like to expand upon. An easy way to come up with something to say is to answer questions like What does your company do really well? What do your customers say about working with you? Why do you like your job at your company? Finding 5-10 employees to answer one of these questions will give plenty of information to use inside of a brand film.

Customers watch brand films right on the landing homepage of your website as well as in e-mail newsletters and social media profiles. When they see the actual people that work at a company they are able to answer the question – can I see myself working with these people? Will I fit in with their other customers? Seeing the human element of a business is extremely important to shoppers today, regardless of whether they expect to see the employees in person or not.

Every project filmed by Vanilla Video results in generous amounts of raw footage that can be used for videos later on in the future. While some customers come to us with specific ideas in mind, there are several that really are not sure where to begin. Having a brand film is a great way to teach potential customers and vendors about your business. The footage gathered at the brand film shoot can be used in multiple other videos, especially the candid b-roll shots of employees working and the building. Once we shoot a project, all the footage is yours. You can always call us to edit it whenever you’re ready to share your next video online.

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