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Video Project Description

The cinematic wedding experience encompasses a wedding couple’s entire day from a variety of angles and shots. This cinematic wedding video montage begins with b-roll of the church, as the officiant begins a scripture reading we see shots of the bride getting ready and the room relieving nerves before the ceremony begins. As the officiant continues speaking of the bride and groom’s best qualities they bring out in each other, we see more b-roll footage – every smile and nervous laugh is captured on camera. We see the bride’s arrival at the church, and the scene cuts to the couple’s exchange of self-written vows. Composed, yet nervous – the groom delivers a heartfelt promise to his bride. With tears in her eyes, the bride professes her love to her groom, and promises to be “the best wife she can be,” for her new husband.

Our videographers captured various rituals throughout the wedding ceremony and finally we see the couple’s passionate first kiss and the officiant announces the new husband and wife. A change in music sets the tone for fun footage gathered during photo sessions and the beginning of the reception. We see the bridal party enter their limousine and party their way into the reception, accompanied by a live brass band. We hear speeches while we see the couple laughing and cutting their cake. The video shows every one of the guests enjoying the party as well as the pure, true love present between the newlyweds. We see everyone dancing and the band performing.

The couple’s culture is brought out, not only in the music chosen for the montage, but in the style of dancing and various special events throughout the reception. A wedding montage is built by fitting music and choosing shots and scenes that tell a story of the day. This montage perfectly showcases every main event, while also showing peeks of intimate moments between the bride and groom, and their family and friends on this special day in their lives.

Using cinematic cameras to capture a big event allows for shots that are more dynamic and artistic in nature, due to exchangeable lenses. Capturing a wedding in cinematic videography can be done with one or two cameras. In this case, the couple elected two videographers to document their entire day. When two cameras are present, one is typically taking fancier shots, while the other camera focuses on the wide angle – ensuring that every moment is captured. Another benefit of choosing two cameras to capture a wedding is seeing both the bride’s and groom’s reactions throughout the ceremony.

Choosing to cover your wedding with cinematography doesn’t only make for a beautiful montage – you can watch your entire day as if it were a movie, without any staging or fluff. We film real events documentary-style, so you can relive your special day exactly as it happened. We have full-time videographers on our team trained and ready to capture your wedding day on video with an artistic, cinematic camera.

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