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Video Project Description

Launching products involves more than bringing concept sketches into tangible objects. There are logistics to consider, financials to analyze, and entire marketing programs to initiate. Product development and manufacturing companies require a team of people to successfully launch and promote their wares in the marketplace. In today’s digital marketplace, product promotion occurs online – mostly through the use of high-end product photography. While these photos are effective in an online storefront or catalog sent to customers via email – video is still necessary to promote products especially surrounding their initial launch. Creating buzz for new products online not only excites existing customers, but informs new shoppers and viewers of the product offering available. While a new line of products usually seems flashy and innovative, many new customers end up purchasing the tried and true classics after being introduced to a company by their latest products.

Product promotion professionals cannot forget the importance of video surrounding a product launch. While it is easy to blow a budget completely on photography, Vanilla Video and Edit Engine make it easy to create a product promotion video for any budget. In this case, we used Roseto’s existing product photography and created a slideshow with flashy transitions and runway music. We gave each photo movement across the screen – mimicking the feel of a video. With their direction we added text below the photos describing the products and the collection as a whole. At the end of the video comes a call to action – “Download the New Serving Ware Brochure Now” and “Learn more at”

In many cases – businesses simply need video, not only to promote their products and services but to build trust with their customers. Many companies approach Vanilla Video without a clear plan for their videos – we tell them to start with collecting footage and worry about editing later. While Rosseto approached us without video footage, they possessed an entire library of beautiful photos of their products. Following their branding and their vision for their new collection, Edit Engine created an inspiring and dynamic slideshow video for their product launch marketing efforts online.

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