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Video Project Description

Planning a wedding involves a lot of work. From decisions about tiny details to writing vows, couples put a lot of time in designing a wedding that represents their personalities and love story. Every wedding is different and special, even if they follow a traditional format. Capturing a wedding with Vanilla Video means couples can preserve all the emotions and details of the day.

Forgoing tradition, this couple lets their two different personalities shine through as they become one in the recitation of their vows. The bride tearfully reads heartfelt vows to her husband while he follows with his own, simple promises. Ending on a cheerful note, he even makes his bride and their guests laugh as he promises to be her “forever, eternal, bug-killer.”

While the entire day is important and special – the vows are what the marriage ceremony is all about. Vanilla Video recommends couples schedule an additional 30-60 minutes of coverage for the ceremony. Our videographers always arrive at least 30 minutes early to any shoot to set-up but once they are ready they can gather b-roll shots of the ceremony location or venue as well as candid shots of the guests as they arrive and mingle with each other.

We started Vanilla Video specifically to make wedding videography more affordable for everyone. Weddings are huge events and we celebrate commitment. Backed by a full-time staff of professional videographers right in the heart of Chicagoland, we want to capture these momentous events for as many people as possible. Ordering online is easy and we are always here to help and answer every question. We truly believe capturing weddings on video is worthwhile, even if it is just the ceremony.

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