Varsity Girls’ Golf Swing Video with Slow Motion Edits

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Video Project Description

Video is an incredible tool for coaches and student athletes alike. From team sports to individual, basketball to lacrosse – Vanilla Video makes it easy to get any sport on video for review by players, trainers, and coaches shortly after. With a team of in-house videographers and editors as well as the latest in video equipment – you can trust us to film, edit, and deliver any sports video quickly. With professional trained videographers and the right gear – every shot is clear and crisp – making it possible to look closely and analyze every move.

Slow motion edits make review a lot easier. After gathering raw footage from a match, our editors cut together every swing and replayed it back in slow motion. This video allows the player as well as the professionals coaching her to analyze her technique and show her where she could improve. Many young athletes are visual learners – while coaches and trainers explain concepts on the green over and over again, it can be hard to understand what they are talking about without a visualization. Video makes it possible – after seeing herself on video and hearing instructions from coaches or trainers, the young golfer can make adjustments to her technique during practice and training sessions.

While this video was intended for training purposes, something like this would work great for a college recruitment reel video. Many young athletes train hard in the hopes to win athletic scholarships to the colleges of their choice. Once we gather footage from a few games or training sessions, we can easily create a college recruitment video. Since golf is an individual sport, it requires a little less editing – we do not have to highlight a single player out of two fast-moving teams on the field. While college coaches are looking for talented players, they often have to cut a candidate out of the running if they cannot tell what is happening in their recruitment video. Vanilla Video captures clear video footage and is able to edit a clean recruitment video that is easy for students to submit to colleges, and for college coaches to watch. Having a professionally shot and edited college recruitment video brings young athletes one step closer to that athletic scholarship.

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