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Video Project Description

The bride and groom exchange a laugh prior to the candle ceremony, the groom is heard saying, “Ahh I’m so nervous,” as his bride smiles and encourages him to relax. The officiant describes the purpose of the unity candle as the bride and groom have relatives bring up their single candles. Together the bride and groom light the unity candle as the officiant says, “May your light shine for all to see.” The bride wears an a-line lace wedding dress with a fascinator head piece, the groom wears a tuxedo and white shirt and tie with a boutonniere made of Polynesian flowers. This is a very public moment of the wedding day, however the bride and groom manage to share a little secret with each other. As they watch their wedding video for the first time, the couple might be surprised to see themselves during this special part of their day.

This is an example of a unity candle ceremony filmed with two videographers – take a closer look at the up-close cut-in at 00:40 seconds. When it comes to filming a wedding day, we always recommend selecting a multi-camera option. A team of videographers is suited to cover every detail of your special day. Two videographers work together in specific roles, the primary videographer is responsible for getting wider and safer shots of all the action, while the secondary videographer will take riskier, more artistic shots. Ordering a multicamera shoot for your wedding also means there will be more candid footage of the bride and groom, as well as their guests throughout the day.

If wedding couples are not sure about how many videographers to use for their wedding day, Vanilla Video likes to recommend following this rule of thumb: 1 videographer for every 125 guests. Our wedding videographers know how to work a crowded room to ensure every special moment is captured. Using two videographers means that both the bride and groom’s faces can be recorded during the ceremony. Speeches also covered better with two cameras, we can record the person speaking as well as the bride and groom as they listen to their bridal party, parents, or siblings give a speech.

Regardless of the options you choose to record your special day, we believe that every wedding should be filmed. Our videographers are professionally trained and film in a way that requires minimal editing, allowing wedding couples to capture their day realistically as it occurred. Editing is always optional and can be selected at a later time to make it easier on your wedding budget. At the very least, Vanilla Video recommends capturing the ceremony so that a couple can always go back and listen to their vows. We have coverage options starting at thirty minutes long.

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