Multiple Rebound Shots Before Scoring Points Basketball Video

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Video Project Description

After this video, Lake Zurich basketball players can truly see how important it is to communicate and persevere when attacking the other team’s basket. After several rebound attempts, the team is finally able to score. After the play ends, a slow motion edit is played to allow the team to take a closer look at every teammate’s move to see exactly what happened to made those points possible.

Vanilla Video professional sports videography is a useful tool for many coaches and players in a variety of sports. Capturing video at games and matches allows players to see exactly what they and their teammates look like on the court while the ball is in play. Many students are visual learners, sports videography allows them to see what proper technique looks like and understand what they need to adjust about their own playing style in order to score more points and win more games throughout the rest of the season.

All professional sports videography captured by Vanilla Video is shot in high definition, 60p so coaches and players do not have to worry about blurry shots where nobody can see which way the ball went. Slow motion editing is always an available option in the future. Vanilla Video can also create montages at the end of the season, showing season highlights as well as teammates hanging out before and after their games. We are also an easy option when it comes to creating college recruitment videos for high school seniors. Vanilla Video gathers a great deal of footage at sporting events – all it takes is a few games throughout the season to get good plays on camera. We work with student’s application timelines to make sure they have everything they need before submitting their college applications.

Vanilla Video makes professional sports videography easy for parents, coaches, and student athletes alike. While our videos make great tools for training, they also make it easy to create montages and recruitment videos later on down the road. Our professional sports videographers are experts and truly passionate about getting any sport on camera.

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