Clever and Kind Maid of Honor Speech Multi-Camera

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Video Project Description

This Vanilla Clip shows footage of a Maid of Honor’s speech at a wedding. Multiple cameras captured the bridesmaid’s speech as well as the looks on the bride and groom’s faces throughout. This video shows the bride beaming and sharing a laugh with her new husband. Wedding speeches allow guests to learn more about the bride and groom, their families, as well as how they met. They are moments for laughter as well as tears of joy. These special moments are ones to cherish and remember forever, which is made possible and easy by Vanilla Video.

Capturing the speeches is an important part of a wedding videographer’s job and we think it is one of the biggest moments of the reception. This is why we always come prepared with all the gear we need to ensure we can get two sources of audio for speeches and toasts. We capture audio the entire time we are filming so couples can hear what was going on when they watch the raw footage together. Since we do not film solely to make a montage, it is important to us that the raw footage sounds just as good as it looks.

Vanilla Video captured this speech with multiple cameras – you can see the bridesmaid speaking, as well as the couple’s smiling reactions. It’s for these details that we always recommend shooting a wedding with mutli-camera videography. With so many people and events occurring throughout the day, it is interesting to look back on the day from various points of view. With multi-camera videography, we deliver a great deal of raw footage comprised of a dynamic range of shots and angles, all with flawless audio. When a team of Vanilla Video videographers shows up to film a wedding, one videographer is entirely responsible for taking care of the sound elements for both. This makes for a better viewing experience later on.

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