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Video Project Description

This demo video teaches viewers how to use their application to choose a lab, schedule a vist, and order STD testing right from a cell phone. The video and application approach what can be a touchy subject in a practical, and easy to understand manner. Upbeat music maintains a lighthearted mood throughout the demonstration.

Motion graphics were used to introduce the topic of the video – the very first scene shows a young woman on her cell phone while the App’s logo and slogan appear on screen. “Get your testing done right,” is an immediate call to action that captures the viewers’ attention. Motion graphics add movement and variety to the screen for any online video. Though they add a nice touch, they are not necessary – Vanilla Video can always edit a jpeg or static title card in front of video footage as well.

The demonstration video continues to show how the application works, step by step. Each step is accompanied by what the step looks like on the phone screen, as well as a written description of the step. Each step is described and shown clearly, concisely, and quickly – the viewer is able to get the idea that this application is easy to use just by watching the video.

This video also includes footage of the young woman entering the lab as well as receiving the results of her tests at home. Showing these scenes gives a complete picture of how the application works, from start to finish. Transparency with viewers is important – they care to see every step of how something works, including even the smallest details makes a difference. In this case, we see that the user received her results via private email. This tells the viewers what they should expect if they wanted to use the application themselves.

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