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Video Project Description

Interview style videos allow a stakeholder within a company to talk candidly about an important aspect of their business. Interview clips work great inside of a brand film or a promotional video for any business or organization. While the subject matter of this video interview is quite complicated, the interviewee describes the company’s operations in a way that is easy for anyone looking to learn more about Cumulus Funding to understand.

Regardless of subject matter, clips of interview footage used throughout a video featuring b-roll or event coverage give any video a clear voice. Revealing the human element behind any business allows customers to see the real people that bring their products and services to life. Customers care about getting to know the team at any organization - this is a large part of building trust. Showing your face and being yourself on camera while talking about your business helps to educate potential customers while building rapport.

When filmed with a cinematic camera, interview footage looks clearer and more professional. The increased depth of field really brings out the subject of this interview, the Founder and CEO of Cumulus Funding, LLC. This video took place in a dimly lit office – however using a cinematic approach eliminates the need for fancy studio space or mobile backdrops. We like to encourage our customers to use their business as a background for their brand films and promotional videos. Not only does it make things easier for everyone and less expensive for the business owner – using your space enhances your brand’s presence throughout the video.

Using interviews in a brand film means your own voice dictates the sound and feel of the video. When your own team describes the strengths and benefits of your company over others in the marketplace, you can trust that your brand is upheld throughout the video.

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