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Video Project Description

In this brand video, a professional at Computer Training Source discusses the benefits of computer skills classes offered to adults at various Chicagoland locations. The video shares details about why a customer should take a class at Computer Training Source. The narrator explains the way classes work – Instructor in the Room Classes help students as there is always an instructor available to guide them through coursework on the computer. Instructors are trained not to interfere in students’ work by touching the mouse or keyboard, instead they advise them on how to complete steps in the course. This message is clearly conveyed not only through the voiceover, but also in the shots displaying students and instructors working together in a classroom environment. Students and instructors appear happy and engaged in the work they are doing.

The voiceover in this brand video allows for consumers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the services provided by Computer Training Source. Audiences can see the atmosphere, classrooms, and types of students and instructors present at Computer Training Source lessons. The narrator’s information coupled with footage of the location paints a genuine and honest picture for consumers. Customers watching this video may decide that Computer Training Source fits their needs. They might find that they have additional questions, or want to sign up for a course after watching this video – allowing further connection with the brand.

This brand video contains various important pieces of branding information including: market segment, consumer benefits, value proposition, as well as the locations of the business. A brand video like this is simple to design, film, edit, and deliver to any customer. Vanilla Video works with customers to develop a script if necessary and then proceeds to film engaging footage. Before delivering the project to the customer, Vanilla Video performs minor edits on raw footage to ensure professional audio mixes in with video correctly. Finally, editors separate clips and combine them with voice over files to build a brand film.

Need something shorter? Vanilla Video can edit out special 10 second clips featuring the most dynamic parts of a brand video to use on Instagram, Twitter, and in Facebook Posts. Customers are in a hurry and have extremely short attention spans, especially on social media. We make it easy to grab their attention with brand films and clips that tell an engaging brand story.

This is just one example of what raw footage can become. A brand video can be created from several sources of raw footage - such as videos of special events, customer testimonials, and sales demos. This sample is an example of a brand video that introduces a company and how it works to potential customers online. We are experienced in creating brand videos for all kinds of businesses so we can help provide direction as needed. Opportunities to create brand videos are endless, all you need is a little inspiration, raw footage, and we are ready to go. Updating a brand video in the future can be as simple as shuffling out certain shots and getting a new voice over.

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