Rent Like a Champion Video Application for Shark Tank

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Video Project Description

The duo behind Rent Like a Champion approached Vanilla Video when they found out they made it to the final round of applications for Shark Tank. To continue in the selection process they needed a video, and it needed to be good.

We filmed the team answering several topic points assigned to them by Shark Tank in a variety of space throughout Chicago’s Technology and Entrepreneurship Center – 1871. A unique space buzzing with other startups and plenty of cool nooks and crannies to use as backdrops. This video is only a small clip of the entire Shark Tank application used by Rent Like a Champion.

The video starts with the team introducing themselves. The CEO begins by describing what their company does, while the founder explains the idea behind the business, Rent Like a Champion. They take turns describing the business, how it works, and why it is successful. It is apparent both the CEO and Founder know their stuff, as they describe the unique niche they were able to discover when offering rental properties in small college towns specifically for Big 10 Football games.

Using interview style footage and subtle music in the background allows the team’s passion, knowledge, and excitement about their business to shine. Keeping the editing smooth and simple, the video allows viewers to stay focused on the speakers. Using b-roll footage in the middle not only coincides with the words the CEO speaks, but allows for visual interest for the eye. A change of scenery also allows to keep the video from getting stale, without having to add fancy special effects or studio work.

Though this video was used for a specific purpose, the raw footage captured during the shoot can be used for Rent Like a Champion’s future branding efforts, such as a brand film or even a testimonial for their good experience at the 1871 space.

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