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Video Project Description

Companies across Chicagoland host fun outings for their employees to relax and unwind together. These typically occur towards the end of the year and serve as celebrations for a job well done. Chicago is known for its hard workers, employers here take the time to acknowledge them and reward them for all that they do. Ordering a Vanilla Video to capture the event on camera is just an extra step taken to show employee appreciation – with a video, they can watch the event with coworkers as the years go by. Jobs are like a home away from home, employees spend more time with their coworkers than they do with their own families. Over the years together, they get closer and forge friendships. While the work may be hard – there is always a moment to reminisce and laugh here and there. Video makes it easier to revel in those nostalgic moments.

Over 200 employees gathered together to enjoy some food and games at Pinstripes for this corporate event. Vanilla Video filmed with two cameras to cover all of the action. Multi-camera shoots allow every guest to get on camera at least once throughout the course of the shoot. Selecting a multi-camera option for your Vanilla Video also means we will deliver 2x the raw footage, packed with dynamic shots. Check out the video starting at 00:50 – two videographers captured the woman bowling from two different angles. In editing – both shots were cut together to show the woman bowling as well as her ball sliding down the alley. We love shooting fun corporate events like this one, as we can play around with getting cool artistic shots while getting a fun time for guests on camera.

While these videos make wonderful keepsakes for employees to enjoy together, they are also easy to share on websites and social media. The event venue can use clips from this video to promote their corporate event packages, while the company can use a video like this one to promote their company culture to prospective employees. Showing off company culture online is a great way to build trust with potential customers by showing them the human element of your business. Customers care about who they chose to work with, showing them your employees having fun is an easy way to let them get to know your company better.

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