Behind the Chair On Tour Sizzle Reel

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Video Project Description

Highly visual events such as this hair styling fashion show called Behind the Chair On Tour benefit from post-event sizzle reels. After filming an event, Vanilla Video cuts together snippets of visually appealing shots and edits in music for the background. In this sizzle reel we see stylists creating eccentric hair styles on their models. A clip like this one can be shared all over social media, as well as on websites and in e-mail newsletters. Event creators can easily share a sizzle reel like this one with any partners that appear in the footage – such as the venue, any products used, as well as the models. When it comes to video, sharing is easy and it strengthens relationships between companies and their slough of partners.

If your company has an exciting event coming up, Vanilla Video recommends that you film it – regardless of your plans for the footage later on. Companies building their digital asset libraries can benefit from a variety of footage gathered at an event, including b-roll, event coverage, interviews by employees as well as customer testimonials. Events always provide a great opportunity to obtain a variety of digital video footage. Once you have it on video, Vanilla Video can use editing to create a brand film or promotional video for your company to use in its next marketing campaign.

Sizzle reels are a popular editing option many companies purchase after hosting an event. They can be used to give fans and followers a general idea of what took place. In just 15 seconds, Behind the Chair strengthens their brand to whoever may be watching – it is easy to see that this company promotes eccentric and trendy hair styles and creates them using a variety of high-end salon styling products. Though the event was highly produced, the sizzle reel was not – Vanilla Video simply used raw footage from the event to put together a little bite-size clip making it easy to share just about anywhere online.

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