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Video Project Description

When Vanilla Video shows up to film a sports event we make sure that we get every moment, big or small. In this sample our professional sports videographer captures the ball as it flies throughout the air and finally gets caught by a player and taken to the end zone for a touch-down.

A highlight and a privilege for several high school students, being on the football team is a big deal. Capturing those awesome plays where a player makes a winning touchdown on video means former student athletes can look back on those success stories in moments of nostalgia to relive those high school glory days. Our mission at Vanilla Video is to nurture nostalgia through video – while many parents or coaches purchase sports videography as a training tool, every video makes a wonderful keepsake to enjoy for years to come. Collecting footage over years’ of a students’ athletic career makes for great editing opportunities in the future, we can always make a montage or season recap which make for fun watching experiences later on.

Professional sports videography makes a huge difference in the training of a team motivated to go all the way and win a championship title for their school. With the careful instruction of their coaches and trainers, video allows student athletes to visualize concepts and understand the topics their coaches talk about throughout their practices. Sports videography by Vanilla Video means every second of raw footage is delivered to the team as soon as possible for review. Once coaches review raw footage, we can always take further direction to cut out clips or make trimmed edits. Slow motion play back editing is also an option for any quick moments that a coach would like to focus on. Our professional videographers are here to create videos that will help your team, we can take as much or as little direction as a coach or parent feels to give.

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