MAST Travel Network Awards Ceremony and Testimonials

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Video Project Description

At their 11th Annual Awards Night, the MAST Travel Network took the opportunity to capture branding footage, event footage, as well as positive customer testimonials. Networking events and awards ceremonies which focus on a company’s customer and partner base are perfect occasions to get customers in front of a camera. Not only are they dressed the part, the events typically give them a positive feeling that they are willing and ready to share.

Footage in this video include MAST employees working together to create materials and set up the event, professionals networking together and enjoying the event, as well as various customers giving positive reviews about being part of the MAST network. Every customer talks about a different aspect of the MAST network and how using MAST has proven to be beneficial for them and their business. A testimonial is even received from a MAST board member, who emphasizes that MAST’s goal is to build the business of other travel agencies, rather than their own.

The video ends with a montage of different people saying the phrase, “I’m honored to be a part of the MAST Travel Network Community.” A fun way to end a testimonial video, this also shows gives potential customers the idea that they could be part of the MAST community too. Celebrating the diversity of your customers makes your company more relatable to a broader group of people, in this video we see customers of all ages and personalities. When a potential customer sees this video, it is easy for them to think, “I can be a part of MAST too.”

This video features minimal editing needed to piece various shots together. Intro and outro cards are also use to feature the company’s logo at the beginning and end of video. Something like this can be shared with attendees shortly after the event. When advertising for an upcoming event, footage can always be shuffled to make a completely new video. While this video does a good job of explaining the MAST brand and the services the organization provides, viewers also gain a sense of company culture as well.

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