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Video Project Description

Capturing video footage of an event is useful in many ways. In this sample, Vanilla Video created a montage from footage gathered at a conference. Events are useful networking opportunities where a company can grab customer testimonials as well as interviews from their employees. A video like this one can be easily shared online to reach an audience shortly after the event ends, or closer to next year’s event to advertise to potential attendees.

This video begins with an intro card featuring John Galt’s logo as well as the name of the event. When the music starts, b-roll footage showcasing popular downtown Chicago landmarks beings to play. A John Galt employee describes the event, explaining this conference is for their customers, or users of their programs and technology. More footage of the goings-on at the event show attendees listening to speakers and networking. We captured interview footage from customers who spoke positively about the event as well as the host, John Galt.

Montages showcase an event in an artistic and dynamic way. In the editing phase we find a song that inspires or moves – sounds that complement the subject matter of the video, while rousing emotion in the viewer. Together with interviews, voiceovers and dynamic footage from the event – a montage allows an audience to get a general sense of what it was like to be at the event, without actually being there. While a little long for social media – montages work well in e-mail newsletters advertising next year’s event, or as a thank you to attendees. People love seeing themselves on video, even if it is just for a split second.

Another way to use event video footage is to create a shorter video set to music called a sizzle reel. These are better suited for sharing on social media and prompting an audience to learn more about the company as a whole, rather than just the particular event. Footage of the entire event can be used throughout the entire year when planning upcoming events – event planners can use feedback from attendee interviews, as well as figure out any aspects of an event that worked well or need some improvement. Vanilla Video encourages customers to use raw footage in a variety of ways – whether immediately after an event or later on down the road.

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