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Video Project Description

There’s a lot of moving around in sports, especially football. In this thirty second video, you can see how the camera moves throughout the play. Positioned in the bleachers near the 50 yard line, the camera begins zoomed in at the line of scrimmage. As the ball gets moved across the field, the videographer follows it smoothly. Sports videography is an important tool for coaches and players that want to consistently improve their skills as an athlete. Having a video of games allows them to look closely at their strengths and their weaknesses. While most parents can probably get a decent shot with a home video camera or even their cell phones, it’s hard to get those precise camera movements that capture all of the action happening on the field.

Using professional videography to record your team’s sports games is a tool for improving sportsmanship and technique. Videos can be shared easily among other players, and even the opposing team. Huddling your team up to watch the game again, and pause at the teaching moments allows coaches to teach techniques in a way that sticks. Young athletes need a lot of repetition to perfect various moves in any sport – video allows them to see how they perform for themselves.

Beyond its value as a tool, professional sports videography is a great way to capture those fun memories of youth. Everyone fondly remembers the sports they played as children and teenagers – whether they were good at them or not. Sports are such an important part in the American childhood, looking back on them in nostalgia brings joy to just about anyone. Professional sports videography allows so many people to be able to watch themselves on the big field as a young child and reflect about how they’ve grown. So many children play sports not to become professional athletes, but to have fun and to grow into responsible and disciplined young adults.

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