High Definition High School Basketball Game Multi-camera Videography

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Video Project Description

Using multiple cameras to film a sporting event allows for more footage and a dynamic range of angles and shots of all the action. In this case we had a one videographer in the home bleachers while another videographer filmed courtside. The videographer at the bleachers was able to get a wider view of all the players on the court at all times, while the courtside videographer captured the action happening immediately in their view. Having a wide range of footage is useful for a variety of reasons.

Coaches and players use video footage as a training tool to improve their technique and overall playing skills. With footage from multiple angles, coaches can zoom in on every player as they watch the game. While a bleacher view will show the entire team across the court, sidelines views show players closeup. The videographer on the sidelines typically takes riskier shots of the ball being shot into the basket as well as closeup shots of players as the approach the end of the court. Multicamera shoots typically involve additional editing services in order to create a video made up of seamless cuts between both cameras.

As basketball players approach their senior year, they consider going on to play at the college level. This is a dream many parents and their kids have been working for since they were young athletes – earning a college athletic scholarship. Not only do high school athletes have to be promising at their sport, but they also need to have high academic achievement as well as school involvement. These scholarships are extremely competitive and athletes need to do everything they can to stand out in order to earn a spot on the team, and at the school of their choice. Applications for these scholarships typically involve recruitment videos of a player’s best work throughout a season. As long as there is footage of an athlete playing – Vanilla Video can cut together a professional recruitment video that is easy to watch and truly showcases an athlete’s ability in their sport.

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