Black Belt Karate Showcase Video

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Video Project Description

Earning a black belt in karate is an incredible achievement at any age. Every year we film the karate showcase for a suburban karate dojo that teaches karate to people of all ages, from toddlers to adults. Filming live performances allows individuals as well as their mentors to look back on an event and advise room for improvement while noting their strengths as an athlete.

Performing in front of a large group of people can be extremely nerve wracking yet exciting. Getting it on film means you can actually see yourself after the performance and see where a performance can be improved for the next show. Karate requires a great deal of athletic skill and discipline, many people involved in karate spend hours practicing and sharpening their skills. After a year of hard work, some karate artists choreograph a routine to show off their best and favorite moves in front of an audience of family and friends. Filming an event like this allows an individual to look back at all of their hard work from the year, while also figuring out what they would like to continue working on.

A video like this one is also a great way for a karate school to promote their classes. Gathering footage from an annual event like this one makes for great marketing material to use throughout the year, as well as for several years to come. Once Vanilla Video records an event, the footage can always be edited later on. Potential videos that could use footage from this event include brand films and promotional videos to use to promote enrollment. An annual showcase event also allows an opportunity for students to provide their opinions and feedback of being part of the karate school. Taking the time to get testimonials at an event will provide even more footage to use for marketing videos later on down the road. These testimonials can also help the business owner and teachers at the school understand what they are doing well and perhaps learn something about improving their teaching techniques as well.

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