SingleHop Wine in the Cloud Chicago Networking Event

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Video Project Description

Gathering testimonials from customers and partners during a fun networking/thank-you event is a fun way to get the most out of your event footage. Combining fun shots of your team and customers enjoying a good time at a swanky networking event with testimonials allows for genuine personalities and relaxed, honest opinions to take the stage. The event served as a backdrop for the testimonials from customers, partners, and employees alike – eliminating the need for additional equipment such as backdrops and lighting.

Raw footage taken from an event like this one can be used later on the road in the a variety of ways. Testimonials can be edited out completely to purely showcase the people and goings-on at the networking event. On the flip side, a separate video can be made to focus solely on testimonials. Clips from this even can be mixed with new footage or taken out to use standing alone in e-mail blasts, on a landing page, blogs, or on social media.

Testimonials from customers allow videos to do the talking for your business. Viewers are able to see how a business works for others, and in turn make a decision about using a particular product or service. Seeing actual customers allows them to relate to someone else who has a similar problem and makes it easier to choose your business to fulfill their needs.

This video includes some commentary from the company hosting the event as well. While many of the comments are from customers of SingleHop, the videographer interviewed SingleHop employees as well. Hearing these testimonials lets customers see that SingleHop is not a typical software company, especially when a Vice President states, “There are no webinars or powerpoint presentations, just conversations.” A video of an unconventional networking event paired with a comment like that one only works to strengthen SingleHop’s messaging.

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