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Video Project Description

What a goal! Two players work hard against the defensive red and white team. Number seventeen passes smoothly right to number sixteen who tosses the ball into the goal. The team scores and the two teammates celebrate their hard work and fast thinking with a high five and a pat on the back.

Our sports videography packages are the easiest, and the best to work with in the Chicagoland area. Once an order is placed we can take as much or as little direction as necessary depending on the goals of the coach, team, or player who placed an order. We always show up thirty minutes prior to the event’s start time, and begin filming as soon as we are ready to go. Professional sports videographers at Vanilla Video are passionate about videography and sports – they love getting all of the height of the action on video. For high school and youth sports we always aim to get some of the fun that happens along the sidelines – while video is a great tool for coaches and players, it makes a great keepsake for parents and their kids too.

Regardless of the sport, we come prepared with all the gear to make sure all the action looks great on video. We film everything in high-definition 60p, which eliminates blur as players race across the field. Our cameras are capable of a 10x zoom, this helps get a closer angle of the players. For every order, a professional in-house videographer films with only the best equipment to ensure your sports video looks and sounds great. We have high standards – which is why we hire all of our videographers full-time, train them, and provide them with the best equipment.

Whether you are a coach looking to improve your team’s skills, or a parent that wants to remember your young athlete’s senior year lacrosse season – our sports videography packages make getting any sport on video easy. Once we film, we do a little scrubbing on our end to clean things up before delivering raw footage of the entire game. Editing is a great way to make the game easier to watch and review, and can always be ordered later on at any time. We can create trimmed edits which cut out all of the action in-between plays, cut out clips of the best plays, and even create college recruitment clips or compilation video. If you have a vision or goal in mind for your sports video – let us know, we can help make it happen.

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