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Video Project Description

Susie Romans sits down in front of the camera to talk to her clients about personal branding. This video takes place right in her home office, and she speaks in a conversational manner. She starts out the video telling her viewers what this video will be all about, she even holds a notebook and reads out of it – this shows she hasn’t memorized a script, but is rather just talking to the viewer as she would be talking to a friend.

Videos do not need to be overly scripted or produced to appear professional. While it is necessary to start with a goal in mind before beginning a shoot, it is also helpful not to worry about every tiny detail. Finding a space to film is usually the easy part – we recommend our clients use a space they are comfortable in. Here, Suzy sits in front of a well-lit window in a cushioned chair. She has her topics in mind, but she doesn’t follow a script. Instead she tells a story and describes her own experiences in personal branding in order to teach others.

Creating a video blog series consists of some additional work in the editing room, but once these digital assets are created, they can easily be tacked on to any video. In The Entrepreneur Show, we incorporated a title card which strengthens brand elements as well as making the video look like a professional blog episode.

Using a video blog on your website or social media allows you to talk directly to your customers, while giving new ones another opportunity to discover you. Finding a topic might be difficult, but all you have to do is pick one thing to cover that you are an expert at. Every video can talk about a specific topic allowing you to create a series of videos that you can deliver on a regular basis.

Regardless of the subject matter, Vanilla Video is experienced in creating a variety of videos for business – small and large alike. Video Blogs are easy and fun to produce – they are a great way to show off your brand’s personality while teaching your audience something valuable. They can be used just about anywhere online including an e-mail blast sent to your list of contacts or right on your social media pages and website. The footage collected of you talking to the camera can be used in other videos later on down the road; you can use key topics covered in promotional videos about your products and services, or you can use a few seconds of footage in a brand film. Video is an extremely versatile tool, we are here to help you use it effectively.

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