Romantic First Dance Wedding Video

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Video Project Description

This Vanilla Clip shows a couple intimately dancing to Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love.” The couple exchanges little whispers while swaying to a romantic song. Their friends and family gather around the uplit dance floor to watch. Everyone cheers as the groom shows off his fancy ballroom moves and twirls his bride across the dance floor. The first dance is a special tradition that many guests and couples look forward to experiencing.
Vanilla Clips make it easy to pull out the memorable moments of any event. When a couple orders Vanilla Clips, we sift through all of the raw footage and pull out the major events. When sharing with friends and family, it is easy to skip to everyone's favorite part. Vanilla Clips are also easy to share on social media. When Vanilla Video films a wedding, we get as much footage as possible - you can watch every second of raw footage over and over again. Of course, any editing option is optional when it comes to ordering with Vanilla Video. The primary goal is to get your wedding on video, you can always think about editing after the fact.
When covering your wedding reception, Vanilla Video recommends every couple covers the main events, plus an hour of dancing. Capturing all the fun at a reception is easy with a Vanilla Video videographer, we take care of all the set up and work with the DJ to ensure all the audio sounds great. The speeches are the most special parts of the reception, it’s important to us that you can actually listen to them again as you watch your wedding video. When we are at a wedding reception, we also make sure to capture the main events – the first dance, cake cutting, and any other traditions you would like to share on your first night as a married couple. Sticking around for an hour or so for dancing always means you’ll have some great footage of the party that ensues.
Regardless of what you choose, filming your wedding with Vanilla Video is easy. We are here to help choose the right package that works for your day and for your budget.

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