Multi-Camera Wedding Bridal Entrance

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Video Project Description

Using multiple cameras during a wedding ceremony allows Vanilla Video to capture the reaction of the groom as he watches his bride walk down the aisle. This moment is one of the most breathtaking throughout the entire day. Anticipation builds as the music starts and the bride takes the first step down the aisle. In this Vanilla clip, we see the emotions of everyone in the room – from the bride and groom to their bridal party. Using multiple cameras allowed Vanilla Video to capture the appearance of the ceremony hall and the congregation. When using only one camera, multiple angles are difficult to obtain during the bridal processional – typically the camera faces the bride the entire time and footage of the groom is not captured.

Vanilla Video recommends using multiple cameras to shoot any wedding or large-scale special event. Choosing multi-camera footage means our videographers get the best shots. Single videographer shoots can accomplish a great deal for a wedding or special event, however we find that a team is better suited for getting all of the special moments of a big day on camera. When our videographers arrive thirty minutes early to an event, they use this time to set-up as well as establish their goals and divide up their tasks. They do so while staying out of the way and making decisions based on their own best judgement.

For customers on a budget, we recommend ordering two cameras for the ceremony and a single camera for the rest of the day. Many brides and grooms anticipate that very first moment in the aisle, filming with a single camera does not give these special seconds enough justice. Vanilla clips allow wedding customers to easily watch and share their favorite parts of the day with their family and friends on social media and through email.

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