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Video Project Description

This professional sports videography sample shows what it looks like to film a basketball game from a position at the top of the bleachers. It is easy to see both teams and their positions as they move across the court. A second angle is provided by a second camera placed on the court sidelines, allowing a closer look at individual players right as a basket is made.

Multicamera sports videography allows coaches and basketball players to see a dynamic view of their playing style throughout the course of an action packed game. Whenever we shoot a multicamera project, we provide both sources of video and audio. In this sample, we edited together cuts to show a single moment seamlessly.

Filming a high school sports video of a game can be done sufficiently with a single camera, however having that second angle allows viewers to see specific moments at more than one angle. When high school athletes put together a college recruitment video, including shots from multiple angles ensures that the college coach gets a full view of their playing style and technique.

Our professional sports videographers rarely have an issue finding an angle to film from at sporting events. We use our best judgement when it comes to getting a clear view of the entire court. Every sports videography shoot is filmed in high definition, 60p – ensuring that the picture is clear and blurring is virtually non-existent.

Videos of high school basketball games are helpful tools for coaches and players alike. The entire team can gather around and watch their games together, or the coach can all out specific moments and email notes to the players. In practice, they can work on the weaknesses displayed on the court during games and improve their skills before facing their next opponents. While not all high school basketball players go on to become professionals or even play basketball in college, everyone makes memories. With video, they can always look back on their time as a high school basketball player fondly.

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