Chicagoland Hockey Videography Season Recap

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Video Project Description

The Providence Hockey team collected footage throughout the 2015-2016 season. They used footage throughout the footage to improve their technique and review their sportsmanship after matches. After gathering a whole season’s worth of footage and hockey achievements – the team decided to have a montage of sports highlights created as a live memory.

The video starts with a title card of 2015-2016 season program achievements. They are listed one by one, which adds a hint of drama as each one flashes onto the screen. Then players are shown heading out onto the ice as the team captain gives each one a fist bump. The video then shows fast-paced action shots of the team playing and celebrating on the ice. There is even a scene of the coach talking to players during a time-out.

The video goes on to show players and class mates celebrating after a big game. The team is seen boarding a tour bus all dressed in suits and ties. They are celebrated by their class mates the whole way up. There is even footage of the team watching a Blackhawk’s game, with a lucky team mate getting to have a shoot-out with a Black Hawks player.

The video even shows the coach’s action giving motivational speeches in the locker room and reminding the team what playing sports is all about. It is apparent that the coach truly cares about this team, and has invested time and wisdom in each player.

Though the celebratory moments are so fun to watch, the special part of the video comes at the end – where the players each take time to describe what it means to be part of the hockey program. Whether or not these young men become famous hockey players, this video allows each one of them to look back on their time as a member of the hockey team and what they achieved as an individual and as a group.

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