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Video Project Description

Being on a sports team in high school is the highlight of many student’s teenage years. Getting these moments of fun and achievement on camera is important. While many customers contact Vanilla Video to record their children’s or team’s sports games, they end up with raw footage of students before, during, and after the game. Our professional videographers capture things like special ceremonies, all the fun during half-time, and celebrations on the court right after a big win. When Vanilla Video comes to film, you will be happy to have all the extra raw footage to remember your glory days down the road.

This video was captured by one of our videographers positioned in the bleachers to shoot the basketball game. It was not part of the customer’s order, but since our videographer was there and ready to start filming, he pressed play on the camera and started rolling. We love being able to give our customers something extra, like a special moment like this one on video. It is an honor in any sport to be rewarded the game ball from a winning game, in this case the young athlete receives a ball for scoring the team’s thousandth point that season.

Vanilla Video is built on the love of nostalgia – as moments pass us by we do not realize that there will come a time where we might yearn to go back. High school is a fun, yet tumultuous time for many teenagers. There is a lot of pressure and a lot of responsibility that comes with being a high schooler. Some students might even dread high school. However, as time goes on – many adults think about their time in high school. They wonder what it would have been like if they did something else, or think about those times when they played on a team. These are all fleeting moments that are fun to look back on later in life.

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