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Video Project Description

In this Vanilla Clip, the groom’s younger brother gives a speech about the bride and groom when they first met. He reminisces driving to high school with his older brother and notes that most drives didn’t involve much conversation. One morning, however the older brother, now groom says, “I think this girl likes me.” The younger brother says, “What makes you say that?”

The younger brother notes his response was priceless and says, “All he said was ‘She gave me a bag of mints.’”

This footage is a classic example of a funny, yet clean best man’s speech. This single camera wedding shoot captures the best man giving the speech as well as the newlywed’s reactions throughout. Everyone laughs and enjoys the funny memories of the young couple’s relationship together.

At a wedding reception, we work with the DJ to establish a good audio connection as soon as possible. Speeches and toasts are a huge part of the reception, and we want to make sure we capture them perfectly. Vanilla Video delivers every second of raw footage we capture at a wedding, we do not film purely to make a montage. This means we need to spend some extra time working out logistics with the venue and the DJ to make sure we capture clear audio. In the editing phase, we scrub through the video and make sure everything matches up. When we deliver your wedding video, it is ready to watch and it sounds great.

Vanilla Clips are a great way to have little snippets of the big moments throughout the day. In the editing phase, we will do all the sifting through raw footage and pull out easy to watch clips. With our online viewer, downloading and sharing is easy. Of course, any editing is optional and always available later on. When it comes to staying within your budget, we recommend getting as much coverage as possible and then worrying about editing options later. Vanilla Video is here to make it possible to get your entire day recorded with video.

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