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Video Project Description

Here is an example of a college recruitment video for a girls’ basketball player. At the front of the video we include any information necessary for an application, as well as the player’s number if we will be including footage from games. Following the title card the video begins with clips of the player in action during basketball games throughout the season. Certain clips are followed by slow motion replays. Each play uses editing to highlight the player with a red circle before the action starts.

We have created several college recruitment videos for a variety of sports, all of our footage is captured in high definition, 60p which ensures that every play is clear to see regardless of intensity. Since we have worked in creating a variety of sports recruiting videos, we understand that different programs require different video specifications. As long as we have all of the necessary information we can make sure that the recruiting video will follow any guidelines required by the college athletic program it is being sent to.

Footage for college recruitment videos can be taken from scrimmage games, practices, and individual training sessions. In this case, the footage used in the recruiting video came from basketball games throughout a single season. Once we provide raw footage, editing is always available in the future. Typically for college recruiting videos the player will go through footage they already have from the season and pick the shots they want to highlight for their scouting video. In the editing process we can add things like graphic highlights as well as put fast-paced shots into slow motion.

Following the general rule of thumb for recruiting videos, we typically ensure they do not last longer than 5 minutes, as we understand that college coaches (as many other professionals) are extremely busy. Coaches typically appreciate concise and clear videos that are easy and quick to watch, which is right up our alley. Our sports videographers are experienced in shooting sports videography, we set up our camera to ensure the players and action is clear to see from the angles we choose. College recruitment videos are a great opportunity to show off your best plays, however college coaches are more interested in learning about you as an overall athlete. Showing close up shots of you in the weight room as well as practicing free throws is always good to include. Coaches want to know what type of player you are, watching your college recruiting video should allow them to answer this question. Taking the time to plan out the shots and footage you need, whether Vanilla Video captures them or not, could make a big difference if you are looking for an acceptance letter or sports scholarship.

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