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Video Project Description

While a necessary part of educating any work force or employee, training videos can end up on the boring side. This brand film by a Customer Service Training Firm proves to viewers that they can expect the opposite from their training videos. In this Brand Film, the company spokesman speaks clearly and passionately about customer service. Not only does he portray his knowledge, but he displays how excited he is about teaching other people how to be great at their customer service jobs. In the editing phase, Vanilla Video uses motion graphics to enhance his words by animating a few sentences on screen as he spoke them, adding an additional layer of interest to the video.

Creating a brand film allows potential customers to get to know a business before they explore the website or pick up the phone to learn more information. When company owners or co-founders display their own experience and knowledge on camera in a brand video, they prove a variety of different things to customers. They show viewers that they are human, just like everybody else. Customers care about who they can expect to work with when searching for products and services. Allowing them to see the owner’s face and hear their voice proves to them that the company is run by a real person, and increases their level of trust. Company owners are typically the most knowledgeable person a customer could speak with about the product or service they are looking for. Showing off this knowledge in a brand film allows customers to learn more, while also getting the feel that the company is suited for their needs.

Web intro videos and brand films do not have to be complicated to be effective. In this video, the founder describes his company’s experience and knowledge in customer service training. He describes past customers he has worked with, as well as what it takes to be an excellent customer service representative. His knowledge proves that he knows how important customer service professionals are to a business’s success. The video ends with a call to action, inspiring viewers to make the next step.

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