Patten Cat's Holiday Greeting Video

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Video Project Description

While Holiday Greeting Cards are becoming a thing of the past, Patten Cat takes a modern approach to sending holiday cheer to their customers, employees, and partners with a holiday greeting video. Vanilla Video added a special snowing effect in the editing room to enhance the fun holiday feeling. We even cut the scenes in to match the beat of the music, a widely used approach to holiday commercials and videos today.

The video takes place right on-location at Patten Cat, following employees during a typical day at work. Inside the office, the videographer grabbed shots of employees working together and sharing holiday cheer. Pans of Patten-Cat’s fleet of machinery and machinery as well as the employees that work on them show how hard the company’s team works every day. From cranes spinning in the back parking lot, to coworkers exchanging gifts and wearing holiday themed gear – the video captures everyone’s team and holiday spirit alike. The video concludes with a special message from a team leader, followed by the Patten Cat logo over some holiday themed imagery.

Though lighthearted and fun, this video gives viewers a peek into typical goings-on at Patten Cat. It is important for companies to remind their audience that there are humans behind the business, especially since so much of business today is conducted via email and over the phone. A video like this can be used in an e-mail campaign, a blog post, and even on a variety of social media channels. After a couple takes, making a holiday greeting card is now a tradition at Patten Cat providing an opportunity for fun and comradery during a special time each year.

Our mission at Vanilla Video is to nurture nostalgia within communities no matter how small. Many people in the work-force today consider their fellow employees as a second family. As they work together through the crazy orders, difficult customers, and long hours in the busy season teams grow close and become friends. While Patten Cat’s Holiday Greeting video is a tradition extended to their external partners, it also allows employees to have some fun after another year of hard work. As years go by, they can always take a look at past Holiday Greeting Videos and fondly recall old memories.

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