Sun Acquisitions Builds Trust With a Brand Video

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Video Project Description

In this brand film, Sun Acquisitions uses their upper management team to discuss various benefits and features of their company. This video is taken interview style where every speaker is given a few seconds to discuss Sun Acquisitions expertise in helping small business owners to sell their businesses. Using a white backdrop and studio lights gives the video a professional appearance. Editing work includes adding the Sun Acquisitions logo and motion graphics to flash every speaker’s name and title as they begin to speak.

The video starts off with a speaker introducing what the Sun Acquisitions business is all about. The managing director speaks about the team of senior advisors, mentioning that they were once small business owners themselves who successfully sold their businesses prior to working for the firm. Every speaker shows genuine positivity about working with Sun Acquisitions.

While they all speak of various aspects of the business, each person mentions points that demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of a small business owner’s situation. They show that they care about the small business owner and that they have the expertise to provide the business owner with the best service.

As every speaker takes the screen, their responses build trust in the potential customer watching their video. They describe how their business works, and why their business is successful – they are backed by the knowledge and expertise of prior small business owners. They also mention important features and benefits of Sun Acquisitions. Right at the end of the video, a speaker mentions that their website gets more traffic from potential buyers than any other acquisition company in the Chicagoland area. Should a customer see this video while on social media, this statement will surely prompt them to visit the website and see for themselves.

To close, a speaker brings in his own personal experience, not as a small business owner, but as an employee of Sun Acquisitions. He mentions what he loves most about his job is helping small business owners in such a momentous stage in their careers. He shows he understands that it can be just as emotional as selling the house you saw your children grow up in. Together, the team of upper management professionals shared their experiences to construct a professional brand video that educates and builds trust in potential customers.

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