Professional Video Wedding Invitation Elopement Celebration

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Video Project Description

At Vanilla Video, we believe every wedding is truly unique and special. This wedding video actually serves as a surprise elopement ceremony invitation that the couple sent to their family and friends after they eloped in Chicago. Footage includes the couple taking pictures in the busy Chicago streets, showing off their marriage certificate, sneaking kisses here and there, and finally inviting their family and friends to join them for their celebration. The couple created a DVD of this video and then made copies to send to their family and friends – they included a card with details of when and where their celebration would take place.

While quite an untraditional approach to a wedding video, this couple still follows many wedding traditions – the bride wears a white dress and holds a bouquet of white flowers, the couple exchanged wedding rings, and the groom looks dapper in a rented tuxedo. The couple still wants to celebrate with their family and friends, though they decided to forgo the status quo ceremony / reception combo. With professional videography services, Vanilla Video made creating a video invitation easy. We gathered all of the footage in a couple of hours’ and then edited cute clips surrounding the couple speaking their invitation.

Regardless of whether the recipients of these invitations approved of their methods – after watching this video it is impossible for anyone not to smile. Video can accomplish so much more than a paper invitation or photograph can – invitees can actually see the joy and happiness in the newlywed couple, eliminating any room for shock and judgement. We embrace creativity at Vanilla Video, and we want to bring your vision to life – regardless of how crazy you think it may be. To us, video is a fantastic tool – we encourage everyone to make use of it.

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