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Video Project Description

Our videographers are all trained to follow a specific process when they get to a shoot – show up thirty minutes early, set up, and start rolling. Regardless of what we are filming, the extra time allows us to catch special moments, such as this senior night ceremony right before a football game. (We did film every senior and their family, however this sample was shortened for viewing purposes).

Being on a sports team is a big part of being young in America. Parents are proud of their kids, whether they are the star player or not. Here, we see proud parents accompany their sons during senior night. To shoot a sports game our videographers come equipped with a camera capable of 10x zoom and always film in high-definition, 60p. While we don’t have to worry about blurriness in this sample – but the zoom sure came in handy.

While many teams use professional sports videography for training purposes, these videos offer great keepsakes and opportunities to look back on in the future. Senior night is a big moment for many high school athletes and especially for their parents. With this video, parents are able to reflect and look back at how proud they felt that night – even when their sons go away to college, or move out of the house and begin a life of their own. When it comes to our professional sports videography, we typically capture more than just a game – we gather living proof of all the emotions involved in playing on a team. The elation of scoring a winning touchdown or the anger of getting checked right before the end zone. We see fans cheering, coaches yelling, and oftentimes capture parents shouting “Go, go, go!” during intense moments throughout the games. Vanilla Video can show up and film just about anything, and you are sure to see that we will capture every aspect of an occasion – including the warm fuzzies.

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