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Video Project Description

Right from behind his desk, Certified Financial Planner, Brian Plain starts his brand video with his mission statement, “I help equip successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and their families with custom-crafted financial plans that create an ideal future without unnecessary risk or sacrifice.” His missions statement allows potential customers decide whether they are in the right place in their search for a certified financial planner.

Now that the customer sees that Brian Plain might be a good fit for them, he goes on to gain their trust by telling his story. He is honest when he explains why so many people have a hard time finding the right financial planner for them. The problem many customers face when seeking professional financial advice is that it is often needlessly complex, leaving customers confused and frustrated. He goes on to explain that too many people feel they should just trust their financial planner’s advice, whether or not they understood their own financial plan.

The purpose of Brian Plain’s brand video is to expose his own approach to financial planning to new customers looking for a certified financial planner. Rather than adding to customer’s confusion and stress, Brian believes in a simple, easier, and more comfortable approach to financial planning. He listens to his customer’s goals and builds plans that allow them to be achieved with minimum risk.

He explains how his financial plans work. They are crafted and presented in a format that is easy to understand by all of his customers. This way, customers can implement their new financial plans right away. With Brian Plain’s financial planning, customers are able to monitor their own progress on an ongoing basis and make smaller adjustments as necessary. This feature of constant monitoring prevents the need for large stressful shifts in a financial plan.

Throughout the entire video, Brian Plain makes a strong case for his Financial Planning Business. He does this with thorough and simple explanations of how his services work while proving his understanding of his customer’s needs. This is especially apparent towards the end of the video when he mentions that his financial plans include built-in flexibility – to change and grow as a customer’s own goals and priorities change over time.

Brian Plain’s brand video describes his business while building trust with anyone who watches. Mirroring his approach to Financial Planning, the video keeps things straightforward by using clean shots of Brian Plain talking and working right in his office. The brand video allows Brian Plain to paint a picture of what it is like to work with him prior to the customer’s first contact. Rather than leaving the customer guessing, Brian Plain explains everything thoroughly prior to ending with a call to action, inspiring the customer to contact him before continuing to search elsewhere.

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