Exchange of Wedding Vows

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Video Project Description

Here is a Vanilla Clip of a couple exchanging their wedding vows – the most important moment of a wedding day. A video captures what a photograph cannot - the words spoken and the voices speaking them. Even though all couples generally speak the same words, every couple’s vow exchange is unique. Some laugh and smile, while others cry tears of joy.

A single videographer focused on the bride during the vows, this is a common angle chosen by couples who choose a one-camera shoot for their wedding. Audio is captured through a lavalier mic worn by the groom. This allows the bride, groom, and the officiant to be heard clearly throughout the entire ceremony.

There are a variety of ways a couple can approach covering their wedding day with video, however many brides choose split coverage – 90 minutes for the ceremony with 6 hours for the reception. Brides and grooms who want footage of the bridal party getting ready before the day beings typically choose 10 hours of coverage. We are here to make covering your wedding day easy and affordable. We are the only videography company in Chicago offering split coverage and wedding day packages as low as $99.

When Vanilla Video films an event, we deliver hours of raw footage 1-2 weeks after an event occurs. While this means a lot of fun video to watch through with family and friends, skipping to the best parts can get a little tricky. Adding Vanilla Clips to your wedding video means having clips like this one of every major moment throughout the day. We do all of the sifting for you and pull out trimmed clips that are easy to share with family and watch over again for years to come.

Your wedding day is important for a variety of reasons, do not regret skipping the video. Every wedding deserves a video so the bride and groom can look back on their special day over the years.

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