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Video Project Description

This sample is Vanilla Video’s very first music video for a local Chicagoland Garage Pop band called Little Boy Jr. Video is important for any organization online, musicians use video to promote themselves not only to their fans, but to venues in order to land gigs as well. Vanilla Video is capable of making music videos at any production level, however the easiest way to make a music video to promote your group is to start with a professionally recorded track and lay it over raw footage of your band hanging out, practicing, or performing. Making an effective music video on a budget requires a little extra creativity in the planning process, we can take as much or as little direction as you would like to provide.

Little Boy Jr. used raw footage from a live performance at the Party Room in Bono’s Pub in Lisle, Illinois to create a music video with Vanilla Video. Audio was taken from a professionally recorded track. The band features vocals, electric and bass guitars, a drummer, as well as a violin player and saxophonist allowing for a dynamic range of sound.

This music video shows the band hanging out with their friends before the set, as well as the group performing throughout the show. The members of the band are seen talking and laughing throughout the video. The camera grabs shots of the audience dancing as the band performs. Footage also includes the band getting ready and setting up the stage when the bar is empty. The video ends with a zoomed in shot of a booth the band reserved for themselves with a piece of scrap paper and scotch tape, for comic effect.

In the editing stage of a music video, Vanilla Video makes creative decisions based on the sound and feel of the song we are creating a video for. We can always take as much or as little direction from the band – we love letting our customers in on the fun parts. Music videos made out of live performances do not need to be made from single camera angles that do not do much movement throughout the shoot. We aim to get a variety of dynamic shots and love to enhance the video with footage of a band being themselves at a rehearsal, around their hometown, or just within the time-frame of a performance. While many bands are looking to increase the number of paid gigs they get each year, videos of live performances give bands a chance to look back on themselves over the years.

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