Ultimate Software Hosts Meetup Event for Virtual Employees

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Video Project Description

With this video of an employee networking event, Ultimate Software shows that they truly put “people first.” Just about anything can be done online these days, so it only makes sense that many companies are served by a number of virtual employees. Oftentimes these employees never meet the people that they interact with via email or phone calls on a daily basis. Ultimate Software hosted a Meetup Event for their virtual employees in Chicagoland to co-work, connect, and collaborate.

In addition to capturing footage of employees working and having fun at the event, Vanilla Video gathered feedback from everyone about the coworking day. Everyone only had good things to say and were happy that they attended. This video captures attendees working, eating, and enjoying a fun craft at the event – everyone is seen smiling and having a good time.

While the event was meant to provide some fun networking opportunities with fellow employees, team members were able to spend time getting some work done. Viewers can see a variety of people working on their computers, many of them share tables and spend time talking to one another as they go through their e-mails. One employee talks about how beneficial it is to be able to sit with a member from the IT department and figure out some things on her computer.

This video can be included in a blog post about why hosting meetups for virtual employees is beneficial, or on any social media platform just to share the news. This gives a glimpse into the culture of Ultimate Software and shows that this company cares about all of their employees. Customers care about the way employees are treated and want to know more about things like company culture and employee benefits. Seeing an event like this on your social media page or careers section on your website might even inspire someone to apply to your team.

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