High School Lacrosse Slow Motion Sports Video

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Video Project Description

Here is a video of a lacrosse play followed by a slow-motion replay edited in immediately after the original shot. Seeing that again is easy whenever Vanilla Video films a sporting event. A popular editing option for sports video is having a few slow motion replays so that coaches can communicate instructions to their team. Video is an incredible tool for improving an athletic skill. Coaches and players use video to analyze strengths and weaknesses, making a plan to improve techniques during practice to win more games.

With so much action occurring on the field, parents have a difficult time capturing all of the action during their child’s sporting events. When Vanilla Video professional sports videographers show up to film, they use a camera capable of 10x zoom as well as a variety of tools to ensure smooth transitions. They follow the action, no matter how fast in high definition at 60 frames-per-second, which eliminates blurriness in the video. Vanilla Video makes it possible for coaches and parents focus on what they do best – cheering on the team and advising the players throughout the game. We take care of catching all of the action on video, allowing for close review after the game ends.

While video is a great training tool for coaches and players, parents and their kids value having sports memories preserved as well. While many kids have their portraits taken before every season, video allows kids and their parents to see how they have grown and improved over the years. Many adults look back fondly on their time as an athlete, whether they went on to play in college or ended their athletic careers in junior high. Playing sports is a huge part of being a kid, it’s always fun to look back and revel in those nostalgic moments.

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