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Video Project Description

Paul the Auctioneer invites customers to the live art auction hosted by Martin Lawrence Art Galleries. This video was sent out in an e-mail campaign, giving customers more information about an upcoming live art auction event with hors d’oeuvre, an open bar and even more. While this event could have been advertised using direct mail or print advertising campaigns in previous years, the digital age allows the company to use video and e-mail marketing methods instead, allowing them to reach a greater audience, faster, and for a lower total advertising spend.

Using video invitations is becoming increasingly popular for businesses and individuals alike. Several of our wedding customers choose to create a video invitation to save on postage and to get a personal message out to all of their loved ones and friends. Regardless of what we film, our videographers are always prepared to ensure your project looks and sounds professional on video. All of our videographers are in-house, full-time employees professionally trained to capture raw footage in a way that requires minimal editing. Rather than taking sloppy shots and worrying about fixing them in the editing stage, we aim to take clean and careful documentary style footage that looks great with minor editing.

Our professional videographers always show up thirty minutes prior to a project’s start time, this way they can begin rolling as soon as their cameras, lights, and sound gear are all set up. When working with someone speaking to the camera, we aim to get two sources of audio to ensure professional sound in the final video. In this video, we used an in-camera audio source while also hooking up a lavalier mic to Paul the Auctioneer. A video without professional audio is completely ineffective, not only is it hard to understand, it hurts the credibility of the company the video is about. With Vanilla Video, our customers never have to worry about looking or sounding unprofessional, our highly skilled videographers are prepared for just about anything and will not leave a project unless they are sure they have everything they need to create your video.

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