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Video Project Description

Another unforgettable sports moment caught on video with Vanilla Video sports videography. A soccer goal is made from nearly twenty yards away. This video shows how the team works together to make a goal as the ball passes from one player to the next. There is a lot of useful material here for both teams to consider in their next training session.

Coaches, players, and parents alike make use of sports videography in Chicago for a variety of reasons. Coaches and players use footage – whether it involves a winning goal or not, to analyze players’ strengths and weaknesses. Having everything on film allows the coach to see what techniques players could use some additional time on. When giving individualized direction, video is immensely helpful as coaches can always rewind and replay footage to give each player something to take away from their performance at a game.

Parents love sports videography because they get to watch matches they missed and share highlights with other family members and friends. Once Vanilla Video records footage, it belongs to the customer and whoever they wish to share it with. An intense game like this one is something both parents and players enjoy watching over and over again.

A shot like this one is perfect to use in a college recruiting video as well. When players wish to make a recruiting video for their college applications, all they have to do is collect their favorite shots from the footage their coach already has. Some sports players like to include footage of themselves in the weight room and individualized practice sessions as well. Once a player has an idea of what they would like to include in their recruiting video, Vanilla Video can edit a professional college sports recruiting take they can easily share with multiple programs.

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