Boys Youth Hockey Goal

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Video Project Description

Hockey is a big deal in Chicago – for all ages. Professional sports videography allows parents to capture those fun moments of their kids playing on a team and scoring goals. In this video, we captured the team celebrating a goal right after they hit the puck into the net. These are fleeting childhood moments that occur in the blink of an eye. Capturing them on video means your family can watch them for years to come, even if your little hockey player grows up too fast.

Vanilla Video shoots all professional sports videography projects in high definition 60p – that means minimal blur and clear shots of all the action. Any sport looks great when filmed professionally with our experienced sports videographers. They love filming sporting events and they follow best practices and standards set by those who film professional sporting events.

Filming your child’s sporting events gives the coaches and the team a valuable tool. Together they are able to look back at the team’s performance during a game and make decisions about what needs to be done to improve before the next match. Visualizing technique on the ice is difficult for young athletes, however when they watch themselves on video they can understand what the coach has been telling them during practice. Seeing themselves allows them to connect the dots and think about their technique, stance, and movements the next time they’re on the ice.

Getting your sporting events on video does not have to be a cumbersome task. While parents may attempt to film a game on their phone or digital camcorder, they miss out on cheering on their child and the rest of the team. When Vanilla Video comes to film a sporting event, you get to sit back and enjoy the game while we make sure we get all of the action on camera. In the future, you can always contact us for editing.

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