Youth Football Video Bleacher Angle Clip

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Video Project Description

When Vanilla Video films a sporting event like this Chicagoland area youth football game, we typically find a good spot in the bleachers to get a clear view of the action. While sports action can be unpredictable across such a large playing field our professional videographers are experienced in making sure to follow the action. Every time we film sports or an action packed event, we film in high definition, 60p – this makes the picture clear and virtually blur free.

Many coaches, parents, and players find recording sports games on video useful for a variety of ways. Proud parents use video as a keepsake of their child’s youth – being a football player is such a monumental part of many young boys’ lives. Having their games on video means their parents can look back any time and see how their son has grown and changed over the years. Not every child goes on to become a professional athlete, or even continue playing in high school or college. Regardless of how much they play or how long they play for – each and every young football player is making friends and memories throughout each season that they play.

Coaches use our professional sports videography services to improve their team, regardless of the sport. After Vanilla Video records a game, coaches and players can begin reviewing their performance within 7 days. Coaches can use video to take a closer look at their team’s skills and analyze what needs to be done to do a better job in the next game. At such a young level, football players might not have a clear understanding of every technique. They rely on their coach to guide them and give them the motivation they need to become better. While a great deal of football practice is spent on becoming faster and stronger, seeing footage from past football games allows them to visualize what their bodies need to be doing in order to make more touchdowns.

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