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Video Project Description

In this two-camera sports videography shoot, players can see how a dropped pass can lead to the other team’s higher score. While the action happens quickly, footage from multiple angles allows the coach and players to watch the game occur from above as well as up close. Using multiple cameras in sports videography allows for a closer analysis of the team as well as individual players when up close. The overhead shot from the bleachers allows coaches and players to see the movement of the team throughout the game. Wider angels allow the coach to identify problem areas where the team does not provide adequate defensive or offensive coverage.

This shot is edited to include footage from both angels, however this type of editing is always optional. When Vanilla Video films with multiple cameras, we always deliver every second of raw footage from both cameras. When editing is requested for sports videography, we take the best shots from both cameras as the game progresses so that plays can be seen from both angels without switching video sources.

A shot like this one would not be recommended for use in a college recruitment video since the ball was not recouped by the blue team and instead a basket is made by the opposing red team. Multiple camera shooting allows players to see just what went wrong. Another editing choice a sports videography customer may choose to make is to request certain plays to be editing in slow motion. Watching replays in slow motion means players and coaches can take a very close look at what happened during the game and learn to prevent mistakes or improve techniques in the future.

While this is a disappointing moment during a game for the blue and white team, sharing this video clip with the opposing team after the game would be a nice gesture of sportsmanship. While players may be opponents during high school, it is true they might find themselves playing on the same team in college. Athletic programs allow high school students to forge friendships with peers in their own school, while growing their network with players from other schools within their district.

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