The Making of a Successful Event – Designs by Jody

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Video Project Description

In this video, we see an event come to life from a bare bones tent to guests enjoying a party set in Paris France’s Red District, home to the notorious Moulin Rouge. The video starts off with Designs by Jody’s owner talking about how she begins to plan an event. “A fun part about my business is trying to crawl inside people’s heads, and find out what their fantasy really is.” This video shows that with organization and a lot of team work it is possible to bring fantasies to life.

Throughout the course of the video, we see the Moulin Rouge fantasy party becoming a reality piece by piece. With each piece, a vendor speaks about event planning and coordination as well as working with Designs by Jody. This video shows just how many different aspects are involved in putting together a large production event, such as the one shown in the video.

As each partner speaks name keys appear with their title and the company they work with. Testimonials from vendor partners are a great way to show customers who will be involved in the services and products you provide. In Designs by Judy’s case – we can see that the event involves a lot of people. Customers care about the people involved in the products and services they buy, a video of a company’s team working with vendor partners allows customers to see your products and services coming to life.

Jody comes back at the end of the video as the party begins. She explains, “You can’t be a day late for a party.” This statement emphasizes how important it is that everyone involved be organized and all the details happen at just the right time. She says that planning a successful event takes some sleepless nights, but that she does enjoy the positive nature of her work.

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